In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. All the praises and thanks be to Allah, you we worship, and you we ask for help, guide us to the straight Way

It has come to my humble ears that Allah’s servant, our Messenger, the great Muhammad, has gone into the infidel place of the Great Satan and has entered into the brothel of brothels, that city of Beverly Hills to be corrupted by the infidels, and to have his holy visage remade into the most degenerate form. Is it Allah’s will that the visage of our Messenger be “lifted” and carved into such image? In the name of Allah, who has instructed us to pray not to the messenger but to himself, as the Magnificent and the most Beneficial, and who has given unto Brother Ali the words that even as we pay hommage and revere the Messenger Muhammad, that we look not upon his visage and worship it as do the People of the Book, and their image of Jesus Christ—what are we to do? Without Allah’s guidance, we are in a confusion, but who but Muhammad, who is eternal, and Ali who is no longer with the Brethern, can lead us forward.

Is it the will of Allah, brothers, that now we must look upon his most revered visage and to place it upon our coin and currency, and to set up his image as do the People of the Book? I for one, am not pleased, and with Allah’s will, call jihad upon the place of his rendering. We must go there and destroy this center of all that’s unholy. It is they who have issued to the corruptible and godless peoples of the West these images:

Muhammad Before Surgery Muhammad After Surgery

Brothers, I call now, in the name of Allah, to strike forth. To he who comes, forty virgins await, and milk and honey, and the drink of fermented honey which even the Prophet did not proscribe.