There are few groups more hateful to America and all she stands for than the NRA (and I don’t mean the National Restaurant Association). Like a Freudian nightmare, their slavish devotion to thanatos marks the decline or western civilization as clearly as that of the perversion of eros wrought on the world through Hugh Hefner and his smut empire. The difference being that lefties are more likely to defend Hef, while right wingers are more likely to claim that the only thing more American than mom and apple pie, is shooting full auto. If you really want to do that go to f#$%ing Somalia. Hell, even Mexico is a haven for raging gun battles these days. We don’t have these things in Real America, but in the NRA’s lock-and-load paradise, that’s the way things will roll.

Anyway, you find funny things when you google for phrases like “The NRA is evil.” Funny things like this comedy bit by Lewis Black. Yeah, it’s over a year old, but it’s pretty funny, and as a bonus to my friends on the right, Black rips the crap out of PETA too (who also desperately deserves it). Enjoy hombres, and stay angry!

Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil
NRA Vs. PETA – The Case