Hola muchachos! It’s your hombre-in-chief, Angry New Mexican here. I stumbled upon this article the other day, which explains why requests for Obama’s birth certificate is starting to have a non-trivial cost on the government of Hawaii. I shared it with my fellow angry men and they had some better ideas than just making it illegal — charging the birthers to for their requests. Angry Overeducated Catholic, explains it all using his usual wit.

Angry Overeducated Catholic

I agree with the proposal to turn birthers into a profit center; this seems to be a no-brainer. It’s not even an ideological or political issue—agencies regularly charge reasonable recovery fees for FOIA requests, and rightly so.

Processing documents is expensive…even if, as I’m sure is the case, the birth certificate is in a special file near the main desk since it’s requested constantly…

The thing that gets me is, why the heck do people keep requesting the documents? If you weren’t satisfied with Hawaii’s documentary standards the first 100 times, what do you expect to learn from the 101st? If Hawaii was snowed by a crafty foreign devil and his bewitched American sugar momma and gave a birth certificate to a shift foreign-born baby, what can you possibly learn from the birth certificate that will substantiate that? There’s clearly no smoking gun, or the first 1000 folks would have found it.

(It would be like constantly pestering the USAF to re-release the Project Blue Book documents. Not the real, super-secret ones proving alien life, you understand, but the same ones they’ve already released that you didn’t like. Again, and again, and again.)

Hey, birthers, move along! There really is nothing to see here! The princess is in a different castle!

But, as others have pointed out, they have every right to request it, and Hawaii has every right to charge them each a $25 processing fee. Heck, waive the fee for Hawaiian residents who have made less than 10 requests in a year. And waive the first 10 fees for any given document, if you are really generous. But by all means if thousands of dumbasses keep requesting the document they’ve already viewed on the Internet a million times, make those idiots pay!

Money down the Drain

Do your pockets feel a little lighter than they used to? Perhaps about $7,000 lighter? Well don’t worry, that’s just the cost of the economic stimulus for each tax paying American! That emptiness you feel is just feeling of our economy being stimulated by Obama’s package! So now that we’re out $7,000 each the question is, will it work? Will our economy finally get the treatment it needs to get up again? Will we be driven into the cold deadly arms of Socialism? Is Obama’s $825 billion package really as big as everyone seems to think it is?

The Angry Men weigh in on the issue, and hopefully you, dear reader, will as well. We want to know, what do you think of Obama’s package?

Angry Midwesterner

Despite having voted for Obama over McCain, I have to agree with McCain on this issue, the so called “stimulus package” is mostly pork. Even the slightest bit of research shows us that only around 3% of the stimulus money will be spent in the next year, and in two years time only 16% of that money will be spent. A huge chunk of the money isn’t even marked to spent before 2011. So how exactly is this the crucial time sensitive stimulus it was sold as? How does it help America if the money isn’t even being spent? This isn’t about reviving our economy, it’s about never letting a crisis go to waste, as Rahm Emanuel has mentioned, many times.

The worst of it is, the pork isn’t even good pork. It’s mostly wasteful spending probably driven by lobbyists. If Obama really wanted to pork the US so badly, I at least wish he’d had the decency to not lie to us and claim it would stimulate our economy while the special interest groups he is beholden to got theirs too. This stimulus package is a violation of the trust America put in Obama, and is most definitely not the change we voted for.

Angry Diesel Engineer

I don’t see how this massive piece of legislation (almost 500 pages in the form Obama signed) is supposed to “spend us out of our recession.”  

While I completely disdain Obama’s socialist utopia (believing that I am better suited to manage my affairs than Uncle Sam), I am interested to see what happens with all this oversight that gets put in place.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, Recovery.gov is an interesting website, with lots of ambiguous statements about how our crazy reckless spending is going to help everyone keep their job.  I am disappointed that millions of dollars are going to create government bureaucratic jobs for said oversight positions though.

I am interested to see where this takes us especially with health care.  I’m not sure how making all medical records electronic will help save jobs (unless you get a job on the H.I.T. board).  All in all, I have great distrust in the government making health care decisions for me.  If they were making decisions for you over  100 years ago, your free health care would have been mandated by the gov. to let your blood.  In a field that is constantly improving in technique and knowledge, free market is the only logical way to go.

Angry Overeducated Catholic


I think Angry Midwesterner’s boiling it down to $7000 per taxpayer is a great way to think about this. Another is how much money is being spent per job created (about $300,000 if I recall). And a third is to note the areas most impacted by the current economic woes, the areas where the most money is going, and then notice that they don’t really line up:  


At first glance, Nevada, for example, should be up in arms. In fact, that map doesn’t look at all like the map of a package intended to help out those hurt by the recession. Actually, though, the per-capita map shows you that it’s not really that bad, but it’s still somewhat disconnected from the unemployment rate.

Because, after all, it’s not really about helping those hurt by economic turmoil…it’s about buliding the Great Society v2.0 (aka New Deal v3.0).

And that $7000 price tag? Only going to go up folks, or should I say, suckers! You tax-paying, hardworking chumps whose money will be systematically confiscated and transferred to the ne’er-do-wells, luckless souls, aging Boomers, shiftless bums, and criminal classes across this great land! The Democratic leadership views you as so many stupid hick sheep to be sheared for the Greater Glory of the People’s Government. It’s just the start!

Remember: Obama is going to cure cancer…with your money, all of it if that’s what it takes.

Angry Political Optimist

The size of the stimulus package is not so much of an issue. At the end of World War II, the debt as a fraction of GDP approached 100%. Even if the dire predictions of the Republicans bear out, and Obama’s administration creates a $4T running deficit, a functional United States of America can recover in less than ten years. 

What should be worrying people is the implicit surrender of what makes America great that is embedded in these packages. Since when do Americans look to the government for assistance? Remember when people listed the classical set of great lies and number two on the list was “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you?” Americans need to look inwards to themselves and to each other for support, not to Obama and his minions. If we accept what Obama and the Congress tells us we are — what is implicit in this package — then we will NEVER recover as a nation.

As a practical matter, spending money requires an efficient bureaucracy, even if they only spend on themselves. Bush’s Katrina fiasco was caused not by an unwillingness to assist black residents but by the total unwieldiness of the FEMA distribution system. Wal-Mart, and for that matter, the US Military were on site and assisting within days (only to be rebuffed and hindered by FEMA). Does anyone really think that doubling down on the bureaucracy in Washington will allow them to spend the stimulus money. Do the math. You have to distribute $2.2B a day. (I realize that this is not the way it works, but really, by 2010, I bet that most of the money is still just an allocation on the liability side of the balance sheet. One that can be wiped away with a stroke of a pen in 2010 I might add.)

Obama and the Congress have shown their true colors. They make the Republican porkers look like pikers. Let them have their day in the sun, and then in two years bury the bastards for another 40.

It’s a tough world out there — murderous jihadists, a Russian premier who fancies himself the next Tsar, recession throughout the developed world and the latest Kanye West album. Tough stuff. John McCain must’ve breathed a sigh of relief when he lost the election — Barack Obama certainly has his work cut out for him. But like him or not, he’s still about to become the POTUS, and so we all decided to wish him good luck.

Angry New Mexican
You’ve done well so far to pick a moderate cabinet that looks like Bill Clinton’s third term. With a substantial majority in both the House and the Senate, it would be really easy for you to turn into Bush’s third term — rule by the majority of the majority, shutting out the other guys. But that’s not the vision of America you laid out on the campaign trail. Walk that talk. Make us proud.

Angry Immigrant
You’re entering into the the hardest job in the world with the highest presidential expectations in a generation. There are troubles foreign and domestic created by both parties, and exacerbated by their partisan feuding. It’s not your task to heal all of those wounds, but you have that opportunity. Good Luck, Mr. President.

Angry Overeducated Catholic
Congratulations, Mr. President, on showing the world what a vibrant society America remains! An immigrant’s son, whose father—as you so eloquently said—would have been thrown out of many places in his youth now takes the highest office in the land! May you lead wisely and well, and remind us that it is We, the People, who will save or lose the nation. Hold true to the principle of subsidiarity: have the government do nothing that the private market can do well and have the Federal government do nothing that the states can do well. Do that, find those places where government must act, and hold it accountable and you will truly fulfill the promise of Hope and Change. Best of luck, and God bless you and God bless America!

As our loyal readers (and anyone not under a rock) must know by now, the Governor of Illinois has been arrested on corruption charges. Given my well known pro-Illinois, pro-Midwest stance, and some previous things I’ve had to say on corruption in Illinois, I would imagine some of you are wondering about my thoughts on the current situation. Given the comments I’ve been receiving on my older article, everybody is completely off base on where I stand. One blogger has even called me “an Illinois citizen who is obviously a Democrat and a blind defender of his party” (Angry Military Man will be amused by this as he constantly calls me a Republican).

The truth is, the arrest of Blagojevich makes me even prouder to be an Illinois citizen, yes that’s right, prouder. I challenge you to name me one other governor (other than Bobby Jindal) who doesn’t belong in prison? At least in Illinois we have a history of political transparency, cooperation with the feds, and locking up our governors in prison. I would put good money on a bet that every high level politician in state or federal positions, belongs in prison. Even our new President-Elect Barack Obama (whom I was a fervent supporter of until he appointed Hillary to his cabinet), is likely neck deep in scandal and corruption just waiting to hit the headlines. You simply cannot reach those levels without getting so deep in corruption it sticks to you for the rest of your life.

And as to the folks pointing out Illinois’ $2 billion budget deficit this year, we’re still doing better than the other top 5 economies in the US (and worlds better than California, Texas, and New York):

* California — -$15 billion [1]
* Texas — -$12 billion [2]
* New York — -$15 billion [3]
* Florida — -$2.1 billion [4]
* Illinois — -$2 billion [5]

Every Governor should serve their last term in jail. But only Illinois is righteous enough to put them there.

-Angry Midwesterner

Well, the election’s finally over, and so is my self-imposed absence. It’s been a while since I posted, having been distracted by a mix of work, sloth, and mute fascination with the spectacle of two candidates defining themselves and each other almost solely in terms of how much (or little) each differs from the Bush Administration.

Understandable, of course, given the abysmal ratings of the President. But since Congress has approval rates nearly as bad (or worse), I’d kindly like to give the President-Elect a few words of unsolicited advice:

  • 1) You’ve got an historic opportunity—Don’t blow it!
    Whether we voted for you or not, we’re all tired of the partisan rhetoric and constant sniping, we’re all deeply concerned (read: terrified) by the economic issues ahead of us, and we’re all hopeful that your administration will figure out a way to move forward. So you’ve got an opportunity to truly be a President for the whole nation. But only if you really want to be. If you do:
  • 2) Rule from the center.
    This isn’t the advice of an embittered conservative or dejected McCain fan, this is simply the only way to really run the country effectively. This isn’t a Progressive country, nor even a liberal country. For that matter it’s not a far right country either. It’s a center-right country, in which broad majorities believe in individual responsibility, the free market, small business, and low taxes. That’s not to say that you can’t win support for reform in areas, but massive expansions of socialism will not be well-received in the long run. The appointment of your cabinet staff and economic advisors so far is a great start, and one I hope continues. If you want to do well, continue to play to the broad majority, not the partisan base lurking in the shadows. To help do that:
  • 3) Make the right use of your political allies.
    Take Nancy Pelosi, for example. Some will tell you to rely on her advice, and others will point out that’s she basically an idiot (or possibly a muppet, it’s hard to be certain). But only I will tell you the sure and certain way to turn Nancy Pelosi into a solid asset with no downside. And it’s simple: whenever you’re really, really excited about some new idea but have a nagging suspicion that the idea, however exciting, may also be insanely stupid, simply run it past Pelosi. If she embraces the idea enthusiastically, it is stupid, and you should discard it immediately. If she opposes the idea on ideological grounds, then it may or may not be stupid, it’s simply not progressively stupid. If she looks at you wide-eyed in bemusement, then the idea is beyond her mental capabilities and you’ll need to re-run the test with Vice President Biden or Senator Reid. And don’t forget to:
  • 4) Make the right use of your political enemies.
    At first this might seem tricky, since you can’t really consider McCain and his crowd your political enemies, now can you? He really is the Alan Alda to your Jimmy Smits, and most of the RINOs in that group are secretly delighted at the possibility of raising taxes and opening the spending floodgates even wider. But those aren’t the enemies I’m speaking about. You can make use of the actual Republicans as well, particularly the more conservative ones. Take a page from the master himself, and emulate Bill Clinton in cherry-picking the best conservative ideas, repackaging them, and selling them as a new plan for “responsible government” (hey if Bush can use “compassional conservatism”…). Hammer the health insurance industry on their anti-free-market attitude (nobody likes them anyway). Nail the lovers of earmarks, Republicans and Democrats alike. Take the populists and isolationists to task on free trade, pointing out how tariffs hurt the poor around the world (and coincidentally make us poorer too). Do this, and you’ll confuse the Republicans and their base, especially because you’ll be doing more than their own party’s done for years. So be clear that:
  • 5) Government can’t fix everything—Make that clear every day!
    As a progressive you want to believe in the power of government to fix problems, but as a former community activist, you know the reality: things often suck, but the government typically sucks even more. There are few, if any, things that government can do better than the private sector. (Though there are things, like defense, that we just really don’t want the private sector doing.) Embrace the great truth our Founders knew: government is always an evil, simply often a necessary evil. But within that truth, you can stress your plans to make government as little an evil and as great an asset as possible. That’s a message most Americans can believe in—and those who can’t are your core supporters anyway! Best of all, when your administration falls short, as they all do, you can simply point out that you’ve been skeptical of the power of government all along!

Do these simple things, and you’ll be a new Bill Clinton, but with a loving (if America hating) wife, beautiful children, and (we all hope) fewer (or more attractive) mistresses. And, with a bit of luck, you’ll get to preside over yet another economic boom that turns into a bubble that has the good grace to burst at the beginning of your successor’s first term rather than at the end of your second!

More importantly, and more seriously, you’ll be able to preside over a country finally healing the division of 2000, since, unlike your progressive base, most Republicans really are willing to give you half a chance and really will judge you on your results rather than your ideological background. Since the progressives will never quite be able to hate you, by being a President for all Americans you’ll finally bring the unity we always say we want, but never actually do anything to achieve! Or, at least, that’s my profound hope. In the meantime, congratulations on your victory, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America!

So by now we’ve all heard the charges (refuted by the New York Times:) that Obama has connections with former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers, a domestic terrorist. Surprisingly, however, little is being said about the close personal relationship McCain shares with a known domestic terrorist. The fact that the Obama campaign hasn’t been forcing it down our throats the same way McCain has is a testament to his policy of being the “bigger man” and not resorting to negative campaigning. Still, this is a very important issue, and one that seriously shocked me and damaged my opinion of McCain.

McCain is a close friend of the domestic terrorist George Liddy. Liddy, as many of you are aware, is the mastermind behind a series of terrorist plots concocted in the 70’s, which included a plan to firebomb the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., kidnap US citizens during the Republican National Convention in San Diego, and murder newspaper writers. Ultimately he was also responsible for planning and participating in the Watergate burglary, the single most effective attempt to undermine our democratic system and overthrow our government in modern history.

If this weren’t enough, Liddy has admitted that he admired Adolf Hitler, saying

[He] made me feel a strength inside I had never known before. Hitler’s sheer animal confidence and power of will [entranced me]. He sent an electric current through my body.”

Liddy has also advocated murdering federal agents saying of the ATF:

Go for a head shot; they’re going to be wearing bulletproof vests.” … “They’ve got a big target on there, ATF. Don’t shoot at that, because they’ve got a vest on underneath that. Head shots, head shots…. Kill the sons of bitches.

McCain’s connection with Liddy can’t be denied. Over the years Liddy has contributed quite a lot of money to the McCain campaign, including $1,000 this year, and last November McCain met with Liddy saying “I’m proud of you” … “congratulations on your continued success and adherence to the principles and philosophies that keep our nation

Let’s take a look at the principles McCain seems to think keep our nation great:

  1. Admiration of the world’s worst dictator and genocidal maniac.
  2. Planning to abduct US Citizens, and launch attacks on US soil
  3. Planning the murder of US Citizens
  4. Advocating the murder of federal agents
  5. Attempting to undermine the democratic process

Keep in mind that while Obama has denounced Bill Ayers, and denied a close relationship, McCain has congratulated and endorsed Liddy’s methods, and referred to him as a “good friend”. I guess we can see now which one of the two really pal’s around with terrorists. John McCain.

-Angry Midwesterner

Every so often one of our readers shows that he or she is just as angry as we are. When my hombre Angry Code Monkey send me this vituperative e-mail scree about how he’s not voting for Obama and how all his friends can stick it, I knew he’d make for a great guest rant. Especially, since, like the mainstream media, we’ve been pretty easy on the junior senator from Illinois. Well, courtesy of our loyal reader, Angry Code Monkey, this is no more.

Your editor du jour,
Angry New Mexican

I don’t usually voice my political decisions that much, but this year it’s important.


Our country faces a critical decision in one week.

I am generally viewed as independent slightly leaning towards the Left.

I never did, and still don’t, support the bulk of G.W. Bush’s policies.

I have voted Democratic or Independent more then Republican.

However, this year, I am in full support of Republicans. Why?

Because B. Obama scares me, a lot. I have never before feared for my own country’s future as much as I do now.

Here are my reasons:

1) B. Obama and his team are Socialists! They want to redistribute the wealth. Literally. The hard working and innovative should not be punished while the loafers are rewarded! When this happens, people stop working hard, and more people start slacking. The government has no right to decide who makes too much and who makes too little. Socialism doesn’t work. And it doesn’t belong in America. If you do not like capitalism, move to Finland or somewhere else in Europe. But this is America, land of the free!

2) B. Obama wants to hand out rebates to millions of people who don’t pay taxes. He wants to be “fair” to everyone. He calls it a tax refund. This is a hand out! This is welfare getting out of hand. The government already distributes too much money to anyone with an open hand as it is. We don’t need to give out more. Only 40% of Americans even pay taxes as it is. On the matter of taxes, B. Obama has a record of voting to raise taxes on the middle class (anyone making more then $42k/year).

3) America already has one of the highest tax rates on corporations. Is it surprising that American companies are moving to foreign countries? B. Obama wants to raise taxes on corporations even more. If America continues to drive out corporations, our economy will reach even new lows. By the way, if you raise taxes on corporations, they will pass on the increased prices to consumers. This will not solve any problems.

4) B. Obama wants to cut seriously back on weapons research and development and eliminate all nuclear weapons. Try to envision an America where we have second rate weapons and are behind the technology curve. What makes our military so great is that they have top-notch weapons and tools. If eliminate our nuclear weapons that doesn’t mean other countries will. If we disarm, as B. Obama supports, our country will be at grave risk to external threats. We need to maintain our stockpile and keep it ready otherwise we having nothing to back our interests.

5) B. Obama (and the bulk of the Left) want to spend billions (trillions?) on going green. What a waste of money! Even if we destroyed our entire economy to go green, it wouldn’t matter. China and other developing nations are polluting (and not going to stop) at an insane rate! Faster then we can compensate for. Should we reduce our pollution, yes we should. But we shouldn’t invoke carbon taxes or other crazy ideas that redistribute our wealth to 3rd world nations. You want cheap, plentiful, safe, and domestic energy? Build nuclear plants. They are proven safe and work reliably.

6) B. Obama would like to substantially increase the inheritance tax. This will seriously hurt our American right to pass on our worldly goods to our own children when we die. The government should not be taking the bulk of a person’s wealth when they die!

7) B. Obama has a history, old and recent, of associating with people and entities that have extreme viewpoints. While he quickly disassociates himself with them when the media mentions them, it does say something about B. Obama’s character that he maintained those associations in the first place for years and decades of his life.

8-???) Gun control legislation, the Fairness Act, etc. … and the list goes on, but I should stop this email before it becomes an essay.


This year America is on the verge of voting in the most Liberal senator in the senate to become President. This should scare you. We should never vote in the extreme leaders of either the Left or the Right. The fundamental fabric of our country is at stake here. If you are upset with G. Bush and want change, don’t blindly vote for B. Obama. Consider what you are voting for and what is at stake here.

Please note that I don’t adore J. McCain. I do not support all of his ideas. I would probably vote 3rd party this year if I thought I could. But I can’t! Every vote for J. McCain is needed to stop B. Obama from running our country into the ground in his quest to make everyone equal and fair.

Two final notes:

First, the media is biased so far to the Left it’s maddening. Almost all networks present biased broadcasts every evening. If you want the truth, you have to search for it. The media will (generally) not give it to you.

Second, if you want smaller (less costly) government, vote Republican.
B. Obama’s plan to make everyone fair and equal will not in any way reduce government costs. He will increase the size and complexity of the government even further. Both J. McCain and S. Palin have records of stopping pork and excess government.

Oh yeah, and regarding the current economic downturn, this is not all G.W. Bush’s (or his administration’s) fault. The bulk of the blame lies with Clinton and his housing policies during his 8 years as President. Republicans are definitely to blame in this, but don’t give all the blame to them.


Angry Code Monkey

Before After


A while ago I posted a short note on one of the “green” initiatives by a student group on campus. This was funded from student fees as an effort, I suppose, to promote environmental awareness. To me, these two pictures represent perfectly the sometimes misguided efforts of people who generally ignore the law of unintended consequences.

In a political world close to an election, one would do well to look behind the fluff of election rhetoric and attempt to ferret out the substance of the candidates and the facts of what will occur. The Biocube is a fitting metaphor for what will become of our economy, our foreign policy, and our standard of living if we are subjected to a veto proof 60 member majority in the Senate under the governing reins of Reid, Pelosi and Obama (RePO).

I have been waiting, watching and thinking about the current political landscape. With the annoyance of a two year campaign, I have kept my opinions pretty much to myself with a few exceptions which address issues more than candidates. As we plunge into the pre-November hysteria, I feel obligated to weigh in with a few thoughts.

As my readers might suspect, I have Republican leanings, although to be accurate, they are more Libertarian than true Republican. The whole earmark thing and growth of the bureaucracy makes me want to draw and quarter the Republicans. I have come to the conclusion that the first two years of Clinton and the first six years of Bush are two of the best arguments for never letting one party control the entire Government.

First, I am impressed by Obama. I think that he could very well be a decent president provided he was backed by a Republican Congress. ( I think that we can all agree here that a true third party is not in the cards.) He has very straight line liberal tendencies which I probably will not agree with, but I can see that he would be a catharsis to the nation — or an enema depending on your point of view.
At the very least, it would shut up the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world — an effect to be greatly desired in my book. A popular vote for Obama would dispell the myth that every white middle-class worker is a racist.

However, I will not vote for Obama because he is not going to have a Republican Congress. Pelosi, Reid and Obama is a triumvirate that gives me the shudders. Rather than the change we want and desire, we will be hamstrung by the special interests of labor, the environmentalists, and the redistributionists. While I am sure that that condition will exist only for two or at most four years, it will take an additional four to six years to undo and correct the policies that they will implement without adult supervision, just in tax policy and the economy alone. God knows what effects could occur in the state of the world that would be more persistent even permanent.

I wasn’t inclined to vote for McCain either. It strikes me that Congresscritters make poor Presidents as they are too much attuned to compromise and not enough to leadership. Certain things are not suitable for compromise — like your principles. This doesn’t leave me much choice if I want my vote to count. Voting for a third party, not voting, or writing in Mickey Mouse — same difference. McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin changed things however. Granted that she is as useful as a “bucket of warm spit” as they say in actual job responsibilities; she still brings true leadership ability to the ticket. To my way of thinking, leadership is what is important in the position. Even if McCain is a compromiser, the influence of Palin will be felt and that is a positive thing.

I believe that the media and Beltway pundits are overlooking the desire of the American people for leadership. They certainly don’t find it in Pelosi and Reid who called a recess rather than vote on off-shore drilling, which 74% of Americans support. They see the promise of leadership in Obama, but the actuality of leadership in Palin. McCain, in his selection of Sarah Palin, has won the White House in 2008 if only he has the sense to know it.

While I was driving across a bridge I happened across this incredibly awesome troll!

Bumper Sticker

…and when my messiah talked about change he meant turning water into wine!