So by now we’ve all heard the charges (refuted by the New York Times:) that Obama has connections with former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers, a domestic terrorist. Surprisingly, however, little is being said about the close personal relationship McCain shares with a known domestic terrorist. The fact that the Obama campaign hasn’t been forcing it down our throats the same way McCain has is a testament to his policy of being the “bigger man” and not resorting to negative campaigning. Still, this is a very important issue, and one that seriously shocked me and damaged my opinion of McCain.

McCain is a close friend of the domestic terrorist George Liddy. Liddy, as many of you are aware, is the mastermind behind a series of terrorist plots concocted in the 70’s, which included a plan to firebomb the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., kidnap US citizens during the Republican National Convention in San Diego, and murder newspaper writers. Ultimately he was also responsible for planning and participating in the Watergate burglary, the single most effective attempt to undermine our democratic system and overthrow our government in modern history.

If this weren’t enough, Liddy has admitted that he admired Adolf Hitler, saying

[He] made me feel a strength inside I had never known before. Hitler’s sheer animal confidence and power of will [entranced me]. He sent an electric current through my body.”

Liddy has also advocated murdering federal agents saying of the ATF:

Go for a head shot; they’re going to be wearing bulletproof vests.” … “They’ve got a big target on there, ATF. Don’t shoot at that, because they’ve got a vest on underneath that. Head shots, head shots…. Kill the sons of bitches.

McCain’s connection with Liddy can’t be denied. Over the years Liddy has contributed quite a lot of money to the McCain campaign, including $1,000 this year, and last November McCain met with Liddy saying “I’m proud of you” … “congratulations on your continued success and adherence to the principles and philosophies that keep our nation

Let’s take a look at the principles McCain seems to think keep our nation great:

  1. Admiration of the world’s worst dictator and genocidal maniac.
  2. Planning to abduct US Citizens, and launch attacks on US soil
  3. Planning the murder of US Citizens
  4. Advocating the murder of federal agents
  5. Attempting to undermine the democratic process

Keep in mind that while Obama has denounced Bill Ayers, and denied a close relationship, McCain has congratulated and endorsed Liddy’s methods, and referred to him as a “good friend”. I guess we can see now which one of the two really pal’s around with terrorists. John McCain.

-Angry Midwesterner

Every so often one of our readers shows that he or she is just as angry as we are. When my hombre Angry Code Monkey send me this vituperative e-mail scree about how he’s not voting for Obama and how all his friends can stick it, I knew he’d make for a great guest rant. Especially, since, like the mainstream media, we’ve been pretty easy on the junior senator from Illinois. Well, courtesy of our loyal reader, Angry Code Monkey, this is no more.

Your editor du jour,
Angry New Mexican

I don’t usually voice my political decisions that much, but this year it’s important.


Our country faces a critical decision in one week.

I am generally viewed as independent slightly leaning towards the Left.

I never did, and still don’t, support the bulk of G.W. Bush’s policies.

I have voted Democratic or Independent more then Republican.

However, this year, I am in full support of Republicans. Why?

Because B. Obama scares me, a lot. I have never before feared for my own country’s future as much as I do now.

Here are my reasons:

1) B. Obama and his team are Socialists! They want to redistribute the wealth. Literally. The hard working and innovative should not be punished while the loafers are rewarded! When this happens, people stop working hard, and more people start slacking. The government has no right to decide who makes too much and who makes too little. Socialism doesn’t work. And it doesn’t belong in America. If you do not like capitalism, move to Finland or somewhere else in Europe. But this is America, land of the free!

2) B. Obama wants to hand out rebates to millions of people who don’t pay taxes. He wants to be “fair” to everyone. He calls it a tax refund. This is a hand out! This is welfare getting out of hand. The government already distributes too much money to anyone with an open hand as it is. We don’t need to give out more. Only 40% of Americans even pay taxes as it is. On the matter of taxes, B. Obama has a record of voting to raise taxes on the middle class (anyone making more then $42k/year).

3) America already has one of the highest tax rates on corporations. Is it surprising that American companies are moving to foreign countries? B. Obama wants to raise taxes on corporations even more. If America continues to drive out corporations, our economy will reach even new lows. By the way, if you raise taxes on corporations, they will pass on the increased prices to consumers. This will not solve any problems.

4) B. Obama wants to cut seriously back on weapons research and development and eliminate all nuclear weapons. Try to envision an America where we have second rate weapons and are behind the technology curve. What makes our military so great is that they have top-notch weapons and tools. If eliminate our nuclear weapons that doesn’t mean other countries will. If we disarm, as B. Obama supports, our country will be at grave risk to external threats. We need to maintain our stockpile and keep it ready otherwise we having nothing to back our interests.

5) B. Obama (and the bulk of the Left) want to spend billions (trillions?) on going green. What a waste of money! Even if we destroyed our entire economy to go green, it wouldn’t matter. China and other developing nations are polluting (and not going to stop) at an insane rate! Faster then we can compensate for. Should we reduce our pollution, yes we should. But we shouldn’t invoke carbon taxes or other crazy ideas that redistribute our wealth to 3rd world nations. You want cheap, plentiful, safe, and domestic energy? Build nuclear plants. They are proven safe and work reliably.

6) B. Obama would like to substantially increase the inheritance tax. This will seriously hurt our American right to pass on our worldly goods to our own children when we die. The government should not be taking the bulk of a person’s wealth when they die!

7) B. Obama has a history, old and recent, of associating with people and entities that have extreme viewpoints. While he quickly disassociates himself with them when the media mentions them, it does say something about B. Obama’s character that he maintained those associations in the first place for years and decades of his life.

8-???) Gun control legislation, the Fairness Act, etc. … and the list goes on, but I should stop this email before it becomes an essay.


This year America is on the verge of voting in the most Liberal senator in the senate to become President. This should scare you. We should never vote in the extreme leaders of either the Left or the Right. The fundamental fabric of our country is at stake here. If you are upset with G. Bush and want change, don’t blindly vote for B. Obama. Consider what you are voting for and what is at stake here.

Please note that I don’t adore J. McCain. I do not support all of his ideas. I would probably vote 3rd party this year if I thought I could. But I can’t! Every vote for J. McCain is needed to stop B. Obama from running our country into the ground in his quest to make everyone equal and fair.

Two final notes:

First, the media is biased so far to the Left it’s maddening. Almost all networks present biased broadcasts every evening. If you want the truth, you have to search for it. The media will (generally) not give it to you.

Second, if you want smaller (less costly) government, vote Republican.
B. Obama’s plan to make everyone fair and equal will not in any way reduce government costs. He will increase the size and complexity of the government even further. Both J. McCain and S. Palin have records of stopping pork and excess government.

Oh yeah, and regarding the current economic downturn, this is not all G.W. Bush’s (or his administration’s) fault. The bulk of the blame lies with Clinton and his housing policies during his 8 years as President. Republicans are definitely to blame in this, but don’t give all the blame to them.


Angry Code Monkey

We have a lot of negative stereotypes in this country, based in prejudice, hate, and false assumptions. Take immigrants from South and Central America. While many Americans look down their noses at these folks while shouting nonsense about building a ridiculous 1,969 mile wall, the truth is most folks from South of the Border are more hard working and industrious than your average American. Far from being a net drain on US resources, economists agree that these hardworking folks (most of which hold more than two jobs) contribute a net average of $7 billion to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid each year.

The reality is that these unfair stereotypes are the direct result of our own bigoted opinions and a few bad eggs which we have used to unfairly paint all people from these countries. Now I won’t say that everyone who lives in Latin America is hard working, industrious, and a net boon to our economy. In fact I’d like to take a moment to point out one person who is ruining it for the rest of Latin America by being lazy and wasting US tax payer money:

The individual I’m talking about resembles his more hard working compatriots in his back story. Born in Latin America, he immigrated to the United States in his teens. He worked various jobs and attended US schools in typical hot spots for Central American immigrants, having jobs and associations in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Florida during his first decade in America. He got married, had some anchor babies, and continued to move about until finally settling in the South West.

I don’t know how hard of a worker he was in the past, but I do know that his work ethic now is pretty much non-existent. This fellow shows up for work just over a third of the time he’s supposed to be there. This bozo is statistically the least industrious and hard working member of his work place! Must be nice to only have to work the equivalent of less than two days a week. But far from being fired for this behavior, this guy is actually seeking a promotion.

In case you haven’t clicked the above links, or put the whole puzzle together, the fellow I’m talking about is Senator John McCain. Sure he may be an American Patriot, but his work ethic seems more French than Latin American. Quite frankly, with the ever growing economic crisis, the last thing we need is another do-nothing President. While I’m not convinced McCain even has “what it takes” (especially considering his dearth of foreign policy experience or knowledge), even if he does, he’d need to show up for work every now and then to make it matter.

-Angry Midwesterner

I have been waiting, watching and thinking about the current political landscape. With the annoyance of a two year campaign, I have kept my opinions pretty much to myself with a few exceptions which address issues more than candidates. As we plunge into the pre-November hysteria, I feel obligated to weigh in with a few thoughts.

As my readers might suspect, I have Republican leanings, although to be accurate, they are more Libertarian than true Republican. The whole earmark thing and growth of the bureaucracy makes me want to draw and quarter the Republicans. I have come to the conclusion that the first two years of Clinton and the first six years of Bush are two of the best arguments for never letting one party control the entire Government.

First, I am impressed by Obama. I think that he could very well be a decent president provided he was backed by a Republican Congress. ( I think that we can all agree here that a true third party is not in the cards.) He has very straight line liberal tendencies which I probably will not agree with, but I can see that he would be a catharsis to the nation — or an enema depending on your point of view.
At the very least, it would shut up the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world — an effect to be greatly desired in my book. A popular vote for Obama would dispell the myth that every white middle-class worker is a racist.

However, I will not vote for Obama because he is not going to have a Republican Congress. Pelosi, Reid and Obama is a triumvirate that gives me the shudders. Rather than the change we want and desire, we will be hamstrung by the special interests of labor, the environmentalists, and the redistributionists. While I am sure that that condition will exist only for two or at most four years, it will take an additional four to six years to undo and correct the policies that they will implement without adult supervision, just in tax policy and the economy alone. God knows what effects could occur in the state of the world that would be more persistent even permanent.

I wasn’t inclined to vote for McCain either. It strikes me that Congresscritters make poor Presidents as they are too much attuned to compromise and not enough to leadership. Certain things are not suitable for compromise — like your principles. This doesn’t leave me much choice if I want my vote to count. Voting for a third party, not voting, or writing in Mickey Mouse — same difference. McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin changed things however. Granted that she is as useful as a “bucket of warm spit” as they say in actual job responsibilities; she still brings true leadership ability to the ticket. To my way of thinking, leadership is what is important in the position. Even if McCain is a compromiser, the influence of Palin will be felt and that is a positive thing.

I believe that the media and Beltway pundits are overlooking the desire of the American people for leadership. They certainly don’t find it in Pelosi and Reid who called a recess rather than vote on off-shore drilling, which 74% of Americans support. They see the promise of leadership in Obama, but the actuality of leadership in Palin. McCain, in his selection of Sarah Palin, has won the White House in 2008 if only he has the sense to know it.

While I was driving across a bridge I happened across this incredibly awesome troll!

Bumper Sticker

…and when my messiah talked about change he meant turning water into wine!

A lot of time has been spent recently, mostly by folks who have nothing better to do with their time, arguing about the citizenship of Obama and McCain. While the accusations against Obama are completely without merit and were caused by a hoax, and gullible Republicans (hey, if you’ll vote for Dubya, you’ll pretty much buy into anything I guess), the questions about McCain’s status are unfortunately very real. Now this isn’t to say that I think McCain should be ineligible for the presidency. I’m pretty sure McCain bleeds red, white, and blue, and personally wouldn’t be upset if he was elected. He’s a fine citizen and would probably make a pretty good president. The problem, as always is Congress.

The problem with McCain’s questionable status stems from those crazy kooks on Capitol Hill, as John Adams reminds us in the musical 1776:

…one useless man is called a disgrace, …two are called a law firm, and …three or more become a Congress!

You see, back in 1790, Congress had the whole issue solved and cleared up. The United States Naturalization Law of March 26, 1790 stated that “the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond Sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born Citizens.” There we go, case closed, all with a simple easy to understand law that is hard to abuse. This could have been the end of the story, but no, we have a whole Congress of useless men in this country which meant that 5 years later, things got more complicated.

In 1795, Congress complicated immigration issues by issuing the United States Naturalization Act of January 29, 1795. This act, which says nothing of natural born Citizens, explicitly repealed the US Naturalization Law of 1790, throwing the question of who was a natural born Citizen back up into the air.

But don’t worry, the Act of 1795 isn’t in play any longer either, today we have 8 USC 1401 to define Citizenship for us, and with a name like “8 USC 1401” you know it’s liable to be easy to understand! And simple and easy it is… if you’re a lawyer… maybe. 8 USC 1401 is written in essay format, and does not conform to the 500 word limit. To sum up the verbose law:

  • A person born outside the US whose parents are both US citizens is a citizen

    • IF one of them is a resident of a US State, Territory, or Possession prior to the birth.
    • OR one of them was physically present in a US State, Territory, or Possession for a period of no less than one year prior birth.

  • OR A person born outside the US whose parents include a citizen and a US national (but non-citizen)

    • IF the parent who is a citizen was physically present in a US State, Territory, or Possession for a period of no less than one year prior birth.

  • OR a person born outside the US whose parents include a citizen and an alien

    • IF the parent who is a citizen was physically present in a US State, Territory, or Possession for a period of no less than five years prior birth, at least two years of which must have been after the parent turned 14 years of age
    • PROVIDED that the citizen was honorably serving in the US Military, or working for the US Government those periods may be used to fulfill the five years if the person was born after December 24, 1952.

  • OR a person born outside the US whose parents were an alien father and a citizen mother, and the individual was born before May 24, 1934.

Clear enough? To make matters worse that just includes folks born OUTSIDE of the US. Aptly named 8 USC 1401 also covers every other case of citizenship, but makes absolutely no mention of what it means to be a naturally born Citizen.

I don’t know about you folks, but I thought the law of 1790 did a fine enough job defining things, why we need the obfuscated 8 USC 1401 is beyond me. Thanks to Congress we’ve eschewed a simple and fair law that would make it clear McCain is a natural born citizen, in favor of a confusing loopy law that leaves his status as subject to inane and stupid Internet debate.

-Angry Midwesterner

Why vote for the lesser evil, indeed? The Stars have finally aligned for Senator McCain, who is, in fact, actually a brain in a jar substituted for the real John McCain in 1972 (while still a POW) who has taken the long, cold journey from the Planet Yuggoth. The Elder Sign Party’s secret to infiltrate the US Government was scotched back when Ronald Reagan had his polyps removed before he could invert and turn into a flying polyp. This maintained the influence of the Great Race on the POTUS… continuing a war dating back millenia… now in the shadows after the Truce of Yaksh and Tond. This time, the mi-go will NOT BE DENIED THEIR PLACE AT THE TABLE.