We have a lot of negative stereotypes in this country, based in prejudice, hate, and false assumptions. Take immigrants from South and Central America. While many Americans look down their noses at these folks while shouting nonsense about building a ridiculous 1,969 mile wall, the truth is most folks from South of the Border are more hard working and industrious than your average American. Far from being a net drain on US resources, economists agree that these hardworking folks (most of which hold more than two jobs) contribute a net average of $7 billion to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid each year.

The reality is that these unfair stereotypes are the direct result of our own bigoted opinions and a few bad eggs which we have used to unfairly paint all people from these countries. Now I won’t say that everyone who lives in Latin America is hard working, industrious, and a net boon to our economy. In fact I’d like to take a moment to point out one person who is ruining it for the rest of Latin America by being lazy and wasting US tax payer money:

The individual I’m talking about resembles his more hard working compatriots in his back story. Born in Latin America, he immigrated to the United States in his teens. He worked various jobs and attended US schools in typical hot spots for Central American immigrants, having jobs and associations in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Florida during his first decade in America. He got married, had some anchor babies, and continued to move about until finally settling in the South West.

I don’t know how hard of a worker he was in the past, but I do know that his work ethic now is pretty much non-existent. This fellow shows up for work just over a third of the time he’s supposed to be there. This bozo is statistically the least industrious and hard working member of his work place! Must be nice to only have to work the equivalent of less than two days a week. But far from being fired for this behavior, this guy is actually seeking a promotion.

In case you haven’t clicked the above links, or put the whole puzzle together, the fellow I’m talking about is Senator John McCain. Sure he may be an American Patriot, but his work ethic seems more French than Latin American. Quite frankly, with the ever growing economic crisis, the last thing we need is another do-nothing President. While I’m not convinced McCain even has “what it takes” (especially considering his dearth of foreign policy experience or knowledge), even if he does, he’d need to show up for work every now and then to make it matter.

-Angry Midwesterner