For all of the tongue-in-cheek approval of Chicago and Illinois corruption that we are going through, it should be reminded that, free from any romantic notion of crooks being “Our Crook“, this is the actual Chicago way.

But Democrats, fearful they might lose the Senate seat if it was put up for a vote, essentially stalled talk of a special election. They cited concerns about the multi-million dollar cost of holding the election with state finances in shambles. The lack of action means that Blagojevich still retains the power to appoint Obama’s successor.

From the Chicago Tribune — who has good reason to be the loudest anti-Balgo voice in the world.

That’s right — despite having the most obviously corrupt official in decades, the party with a massive majority both in Illinois and national government is still too afraid of losing a Senate seat through the democratic process it loudly champions when no opportunity is at hand, now turns tail and lets its elite choose another of its elite. This shirking of manly virtue, ironically, demonstrates Blago’s statement about who is packing the proper testicular fortitude to make the right decisions. It wasn’t Blago, and it isn’t the Illinois Democrats.

Their argument about a special election being prohibitively expensive is especially transparent, since there will already need to be a regional special election to replace Rahm Emmanual, who is shirking his elected duty to wield Obama’s Rod of Power as Chief-of-Staff. A Senate run-off will be more expensive than a Representative election, but given the circumstances, (and the golden child of light who vacated the Senate seat when he was bodily assumed into Office), they ought to open that seat up to an election as well.

Truth be told, sending the decision to the Lt. Governor is the constitutional process in Illinois, but notice that is not one of the arguments forwarded by the Illinois Democrats. When Illinois corruption makes the news, it makes it big. But it’s the spineless, worthless, neutered corruption which never makes the news that is the real Chicago way.

This comes as a follow up to my last article where I introduced our readers to the absolute insanity that is The Confluence, a blog run by a minuscule pro-Hillary political group that has now decided the deep end wasn’t crazy enough and has dived full force off the ocean shelf into bizarre conspiracy theories.

Last week they ran an article on how the Democratic Primary was rigged for Obama, and in fact had been rigged years ago, in their own words:

The nomination was rigged, long ago. The people responsible for ignoring the will of the voters and selecting Barack Obama as the nominee have been plotting and planning for years. This was no accident. The full scope of what happened may never be known, but in hindsight some of it is obvious.

I’m a bit confused as to how they can even make such a leap… the other posts on the blog are insane, true, but this one steps into grounds of convoluted illogical assumptions that are so deep they stagger me. Have they forgotten that it was Hilary Clinton that led the charge to have the delegates unseated? Do they realize what they are suggesting? Their claim that the election was rigged via the treatment of Michigan and Florida is a claim that Hillary rigged the election for Obama


They actually believe that Hillary Clinton, in their mind the rightful presidential nominee for the Democratic party, rigged the Democratic Primary so that her opponent, Barack Obama, would win. In what sort of universe does a conspiracy theory like this even make sense!?! It’s like claiming that Kennedy hired his own assassin! This sort of stuff reaches so far down the well of crazy that I am really excited to see what they come up with next. It’s like watching a car wreck, I can’t stop reading their blog. It’s a whole new level of insanity, and while it creeps me out, like the patron of a good horror movie I keep coming back for more.

If the crazy half-baked conspiracy theory wasn’t enough, the author has the absolute audacity to suggest that Hillary’s campaign is akin to the Civil Rights Movement. I’m sorry, but at that point the dose of crazy goes from funny to pathetic. If you really think you can compare a race’s struggle to not only have the right to vote, but the right to attend the same schools, live and work where they want, and not have to live in constant fear for their lives, you are just pathetically misinformed.

Edit:They’re even running an article today about how Obama was “supposed to pay” for Hillary’s debt. Um, when was this decided? I know Hillary asked him to, but why should he? She didn’t have the decency to bow out when it was clear to everyone else she had lost. She needs to pay her own damn bills. Obama is not liable for her irresponsibly continued campaign.

-Angry Midwesterner

While it should come as no surprise to me that the sort of people who would support the kinds of evils Hilary has helped bring forth over the years, would still be whining about how she lost the popular vote, I had no idea how delusional these folks really were. I recently ran across a blog called The Confluence, which has lowered my opinion of Hilary supporters even further. The writer claims to be part of a group called PUMA, a barely notable blip on the political radar that is having a hissy fit because voters chose Barack Obama over Hilary Clinton. What is hilarious and sad at the same time is the lack of grip on reality that the writer and many of the commenters exhibit. Come along with me and I’ll take you on a tour of their madness.

First and foremost I am amused by the comment the author makes that Liberty has died “with thunderous applause”. Evidently she’s unsure of the definition of Liberty. You see Obama won the popular vote, and led in the popular vote for practically the entire primary. The voters of America chose him. To pick Hilary over Obama when the voters have chosen Obama would resemble the death of Liberty. But as for allowing the popular vote to stand? That’s preserving Liberty. What makes this misunderstanding of Liberty even more confusing is the existance of other posts on the blog where the author advocates encouraging the Democratic super-delegates to deal a finishing blow to Democracy by overriding the popular vote. I think perhaps the author is mistaking Oligarchy for Democracy, because otherwise I don’t see how wanting a bunch of elite old white guys to override the popular vote would preserve Liberty at all.

But the madness doesn’t stop there. Oh no. It gets deeper and deeper, earlier in another post our friendly crazed Hilary blogger said:

What we have witnessed this year seems to have set back the clock for the rights of women by 40 years.

Really? Forty years? How exactly does Hilary’s losing the election to the better candidate set back human rights? Why is it any surprise that Hilary, who opposes free speech, supports censorship, supports Bush’s position on executive authority, supports the death penalty, wants to weaken and destroy public education, supported the war in Iraq, AND the Patriot Act, didn’t exactly play well with a lot of Democrats and concerned moderates? Hilary is basically just a pro-choice version of George Bush, hell she was head of the College Republicans on her campus during her University years!

I’d encourage everyone to head over to The Confluence and have a look around, you’ll find all the Hilarious Hilary Hijinks we enjoyed during the campaign and even more. The level of insanity and self deception is simply astounding, here are some brief highlights of the points I don’t have room to cover in detail:

Well, keep the good comedy coming in “The Confluence”, and don’t worry, we won’t try to win your vote. Even if all five of PUMAs members vote for McCain this November, it won’t be noticed one bit.

-Angry Midwesterner