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Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, refused to allow an up-down vote on the passage of the Columbian Free-Trade Agreement (HR 5724) as authorized under the Presidential Fast Track Authority. Speaker Pelosi has instead modified House rules, ex post facto, so that the vote required by the fast-track provisions can be circumvented.

This despite the fact that the House Democrats have repeatedly, through more than 250 consultations with Columbia, insisted on and won additional language in the trade agreement forcing Columbia to provide more protection for trade unionists in the country — in the past it has been open season on organizers, though through no fault of Alvaro Uribe, the President of Columbia. Thank FARC. President Uribe has, in fact, worked to reduce this violence and has delivered impressive initial results, reducing violence by more than 80% since 2002. This is also an agreement which Charles Rangel, Chairman of the House Ways and Means, and Bill Clinton support, as does President Bush. It is good for the United States and good for Columbia. Even Hillary Clinton’s staffer Mark Penn is^H^H was working towards this bill’s passage.

The standard media drivel is that this is the work of the labor unions in the United States, but, as with all things political, the phrase ‘cui bono’ comes to mind. 90% of Columbian goods arriving in the United States are duty free and the balance are subjected to very minimum tariff. US goods in Columbia are assessed a 35% tariff, which would be eliminated as part of the Trade Agreement. This means that companies producing goods for Columbia would be more price competitive, be able to sell more goods (in what apparently is a pending recession), and would be able to hire more union labor to produce the goods. In other words, this trade agreement is a good thing for the labor unions. The unions do, however, make a good smoke screen. What is going on under the smoke should give any American a case of the chills.

Nancy Pelosi, acting in her persona as Secretary of State, visited Damascus last year and presented the House position on national policy. It was argued at the time that this was technically treason and in fact has been previously prosecuted as such under the Logan Act of 1798. Clearly, Speaker Pelosi feels that it is in the interest of the House to establish foreign policy.

In light of the evidence of other Democrats (Kennedy D-MA) making arrangements with Hugo Chavez, perhaps more is going on here than meets the eye. Could it be that the real reason for dumping the Columbia Trade Agreement is that Pelosi has made a deal with Chavez to attempt to weaken Columbian President Uribe. It’s no secret, since a suitcase full of money and computer files revealed that Chavez is bankrolling and providing strategic intelligence to FARC.

Should all this be suprising? No. The anti-war left did it to Cambodia, stiffing our Cambodian allies after we pulled out of Vietnam, at a cost of about 1.7 million deaths at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. They are seeking to do the same in Iraq when we know Iran is actively seeking to destabilize the Iraqi government. What consequence is Columbia against sad examples of this magnitude?

Not supporting Columbia, especially when President Uribe has compromised so much at the request of the Democrats in the House, is as shameful an act as been seen in a decade.

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez called for a new phase in his Bolivarian Revolution today, calling on the revolution to extend to a new sector — escort services. “The President of the United States, better known as `The Devil’ and his illegitimate junta have extended their war of oppression to fight those who desire only to meet their most basic of human needs. The need in question here being a $80,000 prostitute,” President Chavez noted, to a screaming crowd, most of which will never see $80,000 in their entire lifetime. “It would take a psychiatrist to analyze the Bush regime’s motives in this regard,” noted Chavez. “They sic their attack dogs on anyone who might even think about opposing their wars of unbridled imperialist aggression,” oblivious of the fact that the Bush administration had nothing to do with Eliot Spitzer’s recent fall from grace.

“But the recent sins of the Bush junta have given me a chance to think and reflect on the future of Venezuela,” he continued. “I have never thought about the role of the escort industry in the Bolivarian Revolution, but now after Bush’s latest atrocities, I realize that the revolution must also be extended to this sector. To this end, I have recruited 10,000 Venezuelan escorts to provide the highest quality of services to those who feel a need and can pay in hard currency. To those in America who face a regime which deprives them of their basic freedoms in this regard, I say: Come. Come to Venezuela where you can be free of imperialist oppression. I personally invite Gov. Spitzer to join us. Besides, our girls are much better looking anyway.”

As President Chavez waved farewell to the cheering crowds, he made the following off-hand remark, “And just to show what a nice guy I am, I also invite President Uribe of Columbia to join the Boliverian Revolution in escort services. I think he needs to loosen up a bit.”