Despite the insane and mathematically challenged ramblings of some of my colleagues, Hillary Clinton is still losing, and badly. The end result of her marginal victories in Ohio, Texas, and some County which likes to think it is a state, on March 4th was a mere +6 net gain of delegates. Given that Obama was leading at the time by over 100 delegates, you’ll excuse me if I don’t see Hillary as a serious challenge to Obama’s lead. Add to that the fact that Obama won a +7 net gain of delegates in Wyoming and Mississippi, which not only erased her progress, but pushed her further under, and it is pretty clear that Hillary is getting into deeper and deeper delegate trouble.

Given Hillary’s continued failure to achieve any measure of real success in this primary, one cannot help but notice the extreme arrogance of her suggestion that Obama become her VP. Excuse me Hillary, but you are losing. You don’t get to offer the current front runner second place. Maybe expecting an ex-Republican state swapping hussy like Hillary to have some class is a bit too much to ask, but this kind of audacity manages to dive under even my low opinion of Hillary. It’s no wonder that black voters are turning from her in droves. She is basically asking Obama to move to the back of the Democratic bus.

This latest arrogant misstatement by Hillary just serves to further emphasize the fact that if the Democrats want a snowball’s chance in hell to win the 2008 election, they will need to give Obama the nomination. Hillary has shown us that she cares nothing for the will of the people, the democratic process, or even common decency. Top this off with the fact that she is despised and hated by a large portion of the body of Democratic voters, while McCain is actually pretty well liked by the same voters, and a Hillary vs. McCain match-up is a clear recipe for a Republican victory.

It turns out that Mark Penn was right after all… Ohio and Texas could and did stop the abomination Obamanation. With a solid 10 point victory in Ohio, this perennial swing state made it quite clear who they wanted to be the next president — and she occasionally wears pantsuits. According to CNN at least, the only demographic Obama could say he captured in Ohio was non-Christians. Every other demographic either went for Hillary or was evenly split (note: CNN didn’t have age breakdown data, so I can’t comment on whether Obama got the 18-29 vote or not).

Tejas was a more complicated case, but my muchachas y muchachos delivered solidly for Hillary, leaving Obama with his two core constituencies — blacks and young, rich, white liberals. Looking at the district-by-district map is even more interesting — Obama takes the major urban areas where blacks and young, rich, white liberals live (aka districts the Democrats win anyway), but the rest of the state (aka the “red” parts”) went solidly for Hillary. Could she take Texas in the general election? Maybe not, but she certainly has a better shot than Obama does against Sen(i)or McCain.

Vermont and Rhode Island split ways, with the uber-liberal paradise that brought you these hippies, falling solidly for the liberal candidate (hint: has a wang), with the more moderate New England state (you know, the one that doesn’t put a socialist in the Senate) going solidly for the more moderate candidate (hint: has bigger balls).

One thing that worked in Hillary’s favor is her ability to kick Mr. High-Falutin’ Law Professor’s ass in debates. In all of the March 4th states besides Vermont, the folks who thought the debates were important all went for Mrs. Pantsuit instead of Mr. My-Wife-Never-Liked-America-Until-Now. The fact that she and Mr. Penn finally found attack ads that could stick to Obama certainly helped, not to mention the Chicago journalist field day on Barak (It’s Obama season… call Dick Cheney!). The latter leaves me with today’s Moment of Zen:

Obama: “Guys, I mean come on. I just answered like eight questions.”

To which I can only say: All hat and no cattle.

Anyone who’s been reading the news knows that Hillary Clinton is currently running circles around both John Edwards and Barack Obama. What’s amazing is the number of people in complete denial about that. I mean, from the perspective of the lunatics on the radical left, Hillary is in the same equivalence class as Bush. Most of the time they just whine and cry about the whole affair, but today I saw a new one — sticking their heads in the sand and claiming it ain’t so. The recent opinion piece by Drew Cline is a perfect example of the ostrich behavior. Despite the fact that Mr. Obama doesn’t have enough experience to qualify for the Governor’s mansion in Springfield, Mr. Cline finds himself enamored with the the diet Senator (nice and hopeful but devoid of substance) who is currently serving as Senator Clinton’s chew toy. Instead of being willing to admit that the Obama campaign is floundering, he’s put on his rose-colored glasses and claimed that Obama is really ahead despite all evidence to the contrary. Let’s look at his poor excuse for logic to allow his conclusions to defeat themselves:

Fact #1: Obama is doing well in the money race. Well, having the wealthy liberal elite on your side is always a big bonus with respect to cash, but Obama has been doing relatively well with individual contributors as well.
Fact #2: The fundraising numbers are hard data, whereas polls have an error bar.
Fact #3: Mr. Cline doesn’t understand statistics.

Stupid Conclusion #1: The polls must be incorrect. Obama must really be ahead.

Illogical Reasoning: People are sending Obama money, but are telling pollsters they are undecided. To allow Mr. Cline to use his own words, “The ones who will support Obama in the end, including many who gave him $20 or $50, are telling pollsters that they are still undecided.”

For the life of me, I can’t imagine what would possess a person who’s not a member of the upper class to send money to a politician they don’t support (the wealthy generally hedge their bets and rightly so). Evidently, the “Audacity of Hope”, leads to embracing fanatically stupid assumptions in order to back their floundering candidate. Perhaps Mr. Cline hasn’t realized that the number Obama contributors (258,000, according to Mr. Cline) is infinitessimal compared to the number of likely primary voters, and that while there generous to Obama, there are a ton of non-donors who prefer Hillary. After all, as David Brooks (a columnist for a real newspaper) noted, she’s commanding a dominating lead among working class Americans (not generally people who send out checks before the primaries), while Obama’s support concentrates amongst the (largely white) liberal elite. Overall, Mr.Cline’s conclusion have a lot of hope and no substance…. much like Obama’s campaign. And people wonder why Hillary’s ahead in the polls.

Breaking news: Hillary is now ahead in the money game in the 3rd quarter by a cool $7 million. This puts her about on par with Mr. Obama overall. I imagine that Mr. Cline will have to resort to astrology to explain why Obama will still win (Mars has eclipsed Venus presaging an Obama victory)! Well, I for one welcome our new pink dress wearing overlords! It is a shame that Mr. Cline’s brain has been reduced to jelly so long before the dawning of that glorious day!

Special thanks to Chris Sullentrop of the New York Times for bringing this logic-impaired gentleman national news attention.

It’s now official: Republicans really do hate brown people. When Hispanic (14.5% of population) and African-American (12.1% of the population) groups felt the need to hold debates among the would-be Presidents, the Democrats were all over themselves to participate. You’d think that the Republicans, following Karl Rove‘s plan for a Permanent Republican Majority would’ve followed suit. But alas for the brothers and mis amigos — only Señor McCain agreed to attend Univision’s event, and none of the Republican candidates agreed to attend the event at Morgan State. They cited “scheduling conflicts.” And if you believe that, I have a wonderful bridge to sell you… it’s in Brooklyn, I believe. What it comes down to is that the Republican candidates only care about the votes of white people and are willing to drop a full quarter of the electorate in the “D” column come the next presidential election. Given the rates of population increase among minorities (45% of children under five are minorities) it appears that the Republican party intends to rush headlong lemming-style into political oblivion. Let’s pause for a moment and see what what states are going to be switching columns.

Combine this with the fact that California (55), New York (31), New Jersey (15), Connecticut (7), DC (3), Illinois (21), Maryland (10), Massachusetts (12), Michigan(17), Vermont (3), and Rhode Island are already quite blue, and you have 259 electoral votes solidly in the “D” Column. Former Congressman Jack Kemp (R-NY) notes, “We sound like we don’t want immigration; we sound like we don’t want black people to vote for us.” That’s right, Representative Kemp, it really sounds like your party doesn’t. Which I imagine, makes the Democrats, very, very happy.