Every so often one of our readers shows that he or she is just as angry as we are. When my hombre Angry Code Monkey send me this vituperative e-mail scree about how he’s not voting for Obama and how all his friends can stick it, I knew he’d make for a great guest rant. Especially, since, like the mainstream media, we’ve been pretty easy on the junior senator from Illinois. Well, courtesy of our loyal reader, Angry Code Monkey, this is no more.

Your editor du jour,
Angry New Mexican

I don’t usually voice my political decisions that much, but this year it’s important.


Our country faces a critical decision in one week.

I am generally viewed as independent slightly leaning towards the Left.

I never did, and still don’t, support the bulk of G.W. Bush’s policies.

I have voted Democratic or Independent more then Republican.

However, this year, I am in full support of Republicans. Why?

Because B. Obama scares me, a lot. I have never before feared for my own country’s future as much as I do now.

Here are my reasons:

1) B. Obama and his team are Socialists! They want to redistribute the wealth. Literally. The hard working and innovative should not be punished while the loafers are rewarded! When this happens, people stop working hard, and more people start slacking. The government has no right to decide who makes too much and who makes too little. Socialism doesn’t work. And it doesn’t belong in America. If you do not like capitalism, move to Finland or somewhere else in Europe. But this is America, land of the free!

2) B. Obama wants to hand out rebates to millions of people who don’t pay taxes. He wants to be “fair” to everyone. He calls it a tax refund. This is a hand out! This is welfare getting out of hand. The government already distributes too much money to anyone with an open hand as it is. We don’t need to give out more. Only 40% of Americans even pay taxes as it is. On the matter of taxes, B. Obama has a record of voting to raise taxes on the middle class (anyone making more then $42k/year).

3) America already has one of the highest tax rates on corporations. Is it surprising that American companies are moving to foreign countries? B. Obama wants to raise taxes on corporations even more. If America continues to drive out corporations, our economy will reach even new lows. By the way, if you raise taxes on corporations, they will pass on the increased prices to consumers. This will not solve any problems.

4) B. Obama wants to cut seriously back on weapons research and development and eliminate all nuclear weapons. Try to envision an America where we have second rate weapons and are behind the technology curve. What makes our military so great is that they have top-notch weapons and tools. If eliminate our nuclear weapons that doesn’t mean other countries will. If we disarm, as B. Obama supports, our country will be at grave risk to external threats. We need to maintain our stockpile and keep it ready otherwise we having nothing to back our interests.

5) B. Obama (and the bulk of the Left) want to spend billions (trillions?) on going green. What a waste of money! Even if we destroyed our entire economy to go green, it wouldn’t matter. China and other developing nations are polluting (and not going to stop) at an insane rate! Faster then we can compensate for. Should we reduce our pollution, yes we should. But we shouldn’t invoke carbon taxes or other crazy ideas that redistribute our wealth to 3rd world nations. You want cheap, plentiful, safe, and domestic energy? Build nuclear plants. They are proven safe and work reliably.

6) B. Obama would like to substantially increase the inheritance tax. This will seriously hurt our American right to pass on our worldly goods to our own children when we die. The government should not be taking the bulk of a person’s wealth when they die!

7) B. Obama has a history, old and recent, of associating with people and entities that have extreme viewpoints. While he quickly disassociates himself with them when the media mentions them, it does say something about B. Obama’s character that he maintained those associations in the first place for years and decades of his life.

8-???) Gun control legislation, the Fairness Act, etc. … and the list goes on, but I should stop this email before it becomes an essay.


This year America is on the verge of voting in the most Liberal senator in the senate to become President. This should scare you. We should never vote in the extreme leaders of either the Left or the Right. The fundamental fabric of our country is at stake here. If you are upset with G. Bush and want change, don’t blindly vote for B. Obama. Consider what you are voting for and what is at stake here.

Please note that I don’t adore J. McCain. I do not support all of his ideas. I would probably vote 3rd party this year if I thought I could. But I can’t! Every vote for J. McCain is needed to stop B. Obama from running our country into the ground in his quest to make everyone equal and fair.

Two final notes:

First, the media is biased so far to the Left it’s maddening. Almost all networks present biased broadcasts every evening. If you want the truth, you have to search for it. The media will (generally) not give it to you.

Second, if you want smaller (less costly) government, vote Republican.
B. Obama’s plan to make everyone fair and equal will not in any way reduce government costs. He will increase the size and complexity of the government even further. Both J. McCain and S. Palin have records of stopping pork and excess government.

Oh yeah, and regarding the current economic downturn, this is not all G.W. Bush’s (or his administration’s) fault. The bulk of the blame lies with Clinton and his housing policies during his 8 years as President. Republicans are definitely to blame in this, but don’t give all the blame to them.


Angry Code Monkey