Hola muchachos! You know what’s going on. That’s right, it’s Angry New Mexican doing AOC’s grunt work as usual. When will there be justice for the hermanos? Anyway, AOC found this article and he went NUTS. Enjoy.

Angry Overeducated Catholic

Nobody’s vetting process is this piss-poor. As one commentator said:

It seems the qualification for Obama’s appointees are violation of the very thing they should enforce:

  • Tim Geithner: qualified to head the Treasury because he knew how to tax-cheat.
  • Van Jones: qualified to be the Green Job Czar who oversaw $80B because he knew how to redistribute the wealth.
  • Ron Bloom: qualified to be the Manufacturing Czar because he knew how to destroy manufacturing jobs as a union head.
  • Kevin Jennings: qualified to be the Safe School Czar because he knew how to use drugs and cover up for child molestation.

That about sums it up. As another comment said, you have to start to think that the problem is that the vetters simply don’t think these things are actually problems. Sadly, it appears that includes failing to report child rape, failing to ensure that a possible carrier of a deadly disease receives medical attention, and failing to uphold the laws and regulations appropriate to your administrative position. All excellent traits in a Federal office director!

Oh, and one final point about the mental processes of Mr. Jennings:

Kevin Jennings is the founder of GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network).

At a 1997 GLSEN conference, Jennings had this to say:

“One of the people that’s always inspired me is Harry Hay, who started the first ongoing gay rights groups in America. In 1948, he tried to get people to join the Mattachine Society [the first American homosexual “rights” group]. It took him two years to find one other person who would join. Well, [in] 1993, Harry Hay marched with a million people in Washington, who thought he had a good idea 40 years before. Everybody thought Harry Hay was crazy in 1948, and they knew something about him which he apparently did not—they were right, he was crazy.”

Who was Harry Hay? Deceased member of the American Communist Party and lifelong advocate of NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association).

Wow. Just wow. These people really do believe that they’ve completed “the long march through the institutions” that Gramsci called for…and that they are now invulnerable.

Their arrogant disregard for even the simplest moral value or constraint is Promethean.

That’s right: Jennings is a lifelong admirer of a man who believed that homosexuals have every right to sleep with teenage and pre-adolescent boys. Just perfect for a school czar, don’t you think!

It’s like they’re not even pretending to be on our side any more.