The Mrs. Angry Immigrant and I flew back from the old country to this flammable desert on Monday. To sane people, there was fog over LAX airport. Our plane had to make a 2nd attempt at the runway, because the pilot didn’t like his first approach. Admittedly, the cloud/fog over the airport looked like Dr. Horrible was doing some Horrible PhD research at the airport, since it was solid dark clouds there, and perfectly clear over the rest of the city…

To insane people, however, this mass of dispersed water vapor a terror so vile that they kidnapped, held captive, and deprived 190+ fellow people of basic human necessities in order to save them from its unspeakable horror.

This kind of “X hours stuck on a plane on the tarmac” kind of debacle is the result of two spineless bureaucracies also demonstrating a lack of heart. I’m not sure if the customs officials or the airline officials are to blame on this one (signs point to the airline, but it’s hard to tell for sure), but no one, especially airline crews should think that staying on an aircraft any longer than necessary is acceptable.

It’s ok, though, because they served water and crackers at 4am… Ontario, CA is just not that far away. Put these people on a bus, or put a customs official in a taxi to Ontario.

If someone is going to forcibly confine me to an aircraft cabin, the ground outside better be on fire and the air outside better be poisonous (admittedly, this is LA most of the time…). Otherwise I’d have to weigh my options about spending an overnight in jail for deploying the emergency doors myself, rather than sitting in the life-draining confines of the plane.