At 12AngryMen, we have a protocol of sort where one of us writes an article (“rant”) and others of us review it prior to publication so as to insure that the grammar is somewhat correct and that the links actually work. Intellectually we also have to get into the mindset of the author to see if what he is trying to say is conveyed in an effective manner. We suggest changes from time-to-time and even do a few of our own edits, but by and large, the work that appears on the blog is the work of the author. The fun part is getting to read stuff early.

Now a lot of the stuff we write doesn’t make it off the draft pages, either because it ages out in terms of newsworthy, or frankly because the author just doesn’t give a damn anymore. So it is fraught with peril to suggest to our viewers that one of our members will actually publish something, or for that matter anything (Angry Biologist comes to mind).

However, recently I had the opportunity to skim over a draft rant of Angry Midwesterner. Seldom has a theme resonated with me as strongly as this, and I’m sure that this piece will be picked up and go viral through the blogosphere. Even now I can’t help but to assign characters to the people in AM’s analogy. Rahm Emanuel as The Mouth of Sauron, implementing his dark master’s will at Morannon, the Gate of Mordor at Udun, is merely the first of a long string of associations. I look forward to AM’s publication and urge you to stop back to see if it’s up.