From The Ash Heap of History

It seems like just a few years ago people were commenting that Communism and Socialism were discredited and flung onto the ash heap of history. I suppose that it is fitting that it’s Halloween because like the living dead, the zombie of socialism is rising from that ash heap to suck the brains of the free market, and the lifeblood of America.

Look at that ash heap. Estonia and Lithuania, Baltic republics, once fully integrated into the U.S.S.R. shed collectivism and redistribution with alacrity and embraced the free market, including a flat tax, and low corporate tax rates. Add to that the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, and Ukraine. Places where socialism has been tried have largely failed and are embracing democracy and the free market. Sweden is hailed as a socialism success, but is it? A more detailed analysis says no.

Even China, where the collectivism of Mao’s Communist Party still reigns supreme, has evolved to a hybrid capitalist system with practitioners who put the worst robber barons of the United States to shame. Clearly profit motives trump any sense of responsibility to the collective society. A sad example of the failed tenets of socialism being steadily abandoned in favor of pure, unadulterated capitalism.

The world has cast its vote and the ideals of Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, and V.I Lenin have been dismissed. They don’t work no matter how lofty the motives and how deep the ethical foundations. The process is as important as the goals.

So now we are engaged in an election, testing whether the last holdouts of collectivism and income redistribution, emaciated idealists from the 60’s, can prevail. One keymaster, riding the discontent directed towards an embattled President, lubricated by liquid Harvard consonants and with a fluidity of principles contorted to mean whatever the listener believes, stands at the gate. And behind him the zombies wait.


America is the land of opportunity. America is the shining beacon on the hill that attracts people from all over the world who want that chance to succeed where they couldn’t in their motherland. America is a land of entrepreneurs and of creativity — people who do for themselves and solve problems rather than sit and petition the government for redress. And for the most part, people who aren’t opposed to others making millions because they know that these same people demonstrate conclusively that the opportunity is there. When the richest man in the world is a computer geek, and two college kids can create a business with $500 billion in capitalization, America is demonstratably a land of opportunity.

So how can elected officials not understand what drives America? Are they so firmly wedded to their ideology that the raw fish slap in the face of economic fact is interpreted as a sea breeze from the shores of Finland? What does it say about Americans who let people like Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Barney (Ruble) Frank, Rep. Waxman, and Senator Reid achieve the highest legislative offices of the land when they don’t have a clue about what makes America great, what America’s fundamental strengths are, and how we came to be the world’s only super power.