Hola amigos! The other night, I was sitting rather quietly at home watching internet TV when my phone rang. Caller ID tells me it’s local, and figuring it’s one of my hombres calling drunk from a pay phone or some such, I answer it.


On the phone was a 70+ year old gentleman from some Obama group here in lovely New Mexico asking what I thought about the election. I was honest — I’m not thrilled with the other guy, but liked his guy even less. McCain ’00 was a real inspiring character, McCain ’08 appeals to who exactly? I’m not entirely sure, but given McCain’s 5-point lead over Obama in what should be a landslide victory for the Democrats, he must be appealing to somebody. Either that or the Obamessiah is really turning people off. But I digress from my actual story.

After establishing that I was a fair candidate for initiation into the secret mysteries of the Audacity of Hype Hope, the Obamabassidor makes his pitch, asking me what I thought of Sarah Palin. No doubt, the elderly Obamaniac expected a, “Well, I don’t have an opinion” and was ready to provide the official version approved by Obama’s spinmeisters. Sadly for the gentleman, he was calling the Angry New Mexican.

By the time I was finished with my discussion of the politics of Veep choosing and an opinion of the political wisdom of choosing Palin and Biden (both good choices, BTW), the Obamasaurus was left with only his final, last-ditch, line of attack.

“McCain is old. What if something happens?”

That’s right. The most compelling attack against McCain: What if McCain drops dead and the inexperienced Sarah Palin becomes president?

It makes me wish I had said, “Well, I supposed that it is no different than if the inexperienced Barak Obama becomes president. Lucky thing that the Democratic ticket isn’t the other way around, forcing me to do the math as to whether Biden or McCain will drop dead first and which of the Veeps would be worse in the Oval Office.”

Seriously, if your best argument against McCain is “Well, maybe he could die leaving us with an inexperienced president,” then your guy better hang up his hat because he is hosed. You’re lucky McCain’s campaign has been asleep at the wheel since the spring, since if his A-game was turned on, Obama’s candidacy would make Walter Mondale look like an unqualified sucess.

This isn’t Chicago any more, Barack. Time to play ball with the big boys.