Not a headline today (except perhaps in Saint Louie) but in case you missed it, Anheuser-Busch—controller of 48% of the American market—has accepted the InBev offer for $52 billion. Milwaukee-based Miller was purchased a few years ago by SAB, a South African based brewery firm, and Molson (Canadian) owns Coor’s. That’s right, none of the big three American breweries are, well, how shall I say this?, American anymore. Given that industrial beer companies like AB have appointed themselves guardians of American manhood (the “Man Law” commercials are a Miller product), the prospect of the leading purveyor of American industrial lager being purchased by a Belgian company seems to be sending mini-shock waves. Belgians, lest you forget, are the next best thing to being French and any good red-blooded American working-class (or faux-working class) male knows that the French are the scum of the earth. (Never mind the decidedly negative view of their northern cousins among the French.)

Personally I won’t touch American industrial lager so I don’t care, aside from thinking it’s kind of funny. Budweiser is foul, foul tasting beer and Bud Lite beer is just a watered down version of the same. Maize (“corn”) and rice simply don’t belong anywhere near beer, period. (Bud has rice; Miller has corn.) The Germans got that right back in 1516, before they even knew about maize, although they’re—typically—a little over the top in its enforcement. Give me a nice local brewery anytime, the kind that hasn’t forgotten how (or, more likely, relearned) to make a good traditional ale or lager. But that’s just me. I don’t really qualify for “real American” anyway.

Given how much money people shell out for what AB is selling, I’m sure InBev is going to leave things well alone—just as Molson and SAB have done—but I laugh a little at the fact that the next time Billy Bob waxes eloquent down at the bar to his friends about “them damn furriners!”, chances are very good that a bit of his money is going to buy stinky cheese and mayonnaise-coated pommes frites.

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In case you missed it, George Will had a nice little piece on beer and civilization the other day.