In the age of non-stop stories of military incompetence, botched operations and last-minute political wussitude, it’s seldom that we get to celebrate the triumph of manliness on the battlefield. But today we can. Military intelligence officers in Columbia have successfully freed French-Columbian Ingrid Betancourt; Americans Marc Gonsalves, Thomas Howes, Keith Stansell; and eleven Columbian police and soldiers without having to fire a single shot.

The MI agents infiltrated FARC and arranged for a fictitious prisoner transfer, fooling the local FARC leader “Cesar.” With the prisoner transports all piloted by agents of the Columbian government, and Cesar lying naked and blindfolded on the floor, Columbian forces flew the prisoners to freedom.

As Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos said, “The operation will go into history for its audacity and effectiveness.” Or as Ms. Betancourt put it more bluntly, “God, this is a miracle.”

Perhaps the most insightful commentary came from our very own Angry Immigrant, “What is the necessary lift rating for a helicopter built to transport dudes with balls that big, and made of pure steel?”

In honor of their Manly Victory, we pledge a beer to each member of the Columbian MI team involved in the rescue, payable at any official lunch gathering of the 12 Angry Men.