Southwest Airlines has moved up in my esteem today, as they have truly proved themselves patriots of the highest order. Southwest recently unveiled new livery on one of their planes, honoring the greatest State in the Union. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Illinois One:

I encourage everyone to fly on this patriotic airline and ask that we all applaud them for their support of the greatest place on the Earth. Beyond this, it is also interesting to note that Southwest has honored several other states with distinctive livery on their planes. The Texas One, the Arizona One, the California One, the Nevada One, the New Mexico One, and the Maryland One.

Southwest, my hat is off to you, not only have you honored my state, but you’ve made your planes prettier to look at and more distinctive. I’ve long thought that the planes in an air carrier’s fleet ought to have unique names, but you’ve gone a step further by making them distinctive works of art.

-Angry Midwesterner