The staff of the 12 Angry Men would like to offer their congratulations to Angry Virginian, and his new bride, who were married today. Our best wishes to them (and especially to the new Mrs. Angry Virginian… he’s a handful!) on this their happiest day, and for the countless happier days to come, sharing and growing in their love for one another.

Congratulations you too! The Mrs. and I would just like to say “We told you so!” and “It’s about time!”. Seriously though, we could not be happier for you both.
– Angry Midwesterner

May your marriage be truly blessed; May you live to old age together in the company of family and friends; And may you trample your enemies underfoot… or maybe just the first two. Congraulations!
– Angry New Mexican

Oh, wait! I was supposed to say congratulations. 😀 Well I did it.
– Mildly Piqued Academician

Congratulations. May you be fruitful and multiply. (and you can integrate also). Now move out of Virginia.
– Angry Political Optimist

Congratulations and Best Wishes! May you two hold down the east coast while we two hold down the west one. May this be the first day of a long happy life together!
– Angry Immigrant

Most wonderful and pleasant wishes to you both upon this joyous union. May your day be festive for you and those closest to you sharing in the proclamation of your love!
Angry Fascist Libertarian

(Well, I would have posted earlier, but that VRWC party Cheney threw last Wednesday got way, way, out of hand! Anyway: ) May you find in each other true lovers, lifelong friends, equal partners, and models of Christlike and sacrificial charity. Most of all, may your love, friendship, and joy in each other shine out from you and enlighten all you come to know down through the years!
– Angry Overeducated Catholic