Readers might be asking “Where are the Angry Men?” Well, the answer is “busy” with various things. But dead air sux, so here’s a little thing I just noticed on a $1 I was about to spend on my daily coffee.

It’s been said many times that the web has added all sorts of things to our lives that nobody would ever have guessed, be it good or bad. Where’s George? is a web page that lets you track where the money you have has been. You enter your ZIP code and the serial # of the bill. If someone else has already entered it, you can see where it’s been. “Small used bills” might not be quite so safe for criminals anymore… scratch that, along with phone booths, as a plot device.

  • Got any other cool things the web lets you do you wouldn’t have thought of before? (Discussion boards don’t count, that’s just globalizing the office water cooler.)
  • Got anything the web does that really yanks your chain?