Hello, Angry Biologist here! While this blog was ostensibly created so that I could write rants along with my fellow Angry Men, as I kind of inspired the whole Angry Man Blog idea, I’ve been too busy watching pterodactyl porn for the last two years to actually write a rant! No really, in all seriousness I’ve been campaigning for a very important organization that I want you all to be aware of, it is called NAMALA, the North American Man Amphibian Love Association.

NAMALA is a group in the spirit of the American Way, Freedom, and Equal Rights for everyone. We work to provide a support group for interspecies relationships, and advocate sexual freedom for everyone! Why stop the laws at allowing gay marriage. What about people like me who have developed close intimate relationships with amphibians. Why don’t I have the right to marry the person or frog that I love? Why am I denied this freedom? Who will champion my rights? NAMALA, that’s who.

As a long time frog lover, I feel that what a consenting adult and amphibian do in the confines of their laboratory is no one’s business. But NOOOOOooo! I have to file papers with IACUC, and would you believe that writing up “sex” as the protocol you are going to use with an animal usually gets rejected!?!? Don’t even get me started on PETA. For folks who “love” animals, they certainly don’t love people who love animals. But one day, hopefully soon, we at NAMALA will win our fight against oppression and be free to enjoy hot frog on man action whenever we want. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some… uh… experiments to run… yeah, that’s it!