It turns out that Mark Penn was right after all… Ohio and Texas could and did stop the abomination Obamanation. With a solid 10 point victory in Ohio, this perennial swing state made it quite clear who they wanted to be the next president — and she occasionally wears pantsuits. According to CNN at least, the only demographic Obama could say he captured in Ohio was non-Christians. Every other demographic either went for Hillary or was evenly split (note: CNN didn’t have age breakdown data, so I can’t comment on whether Obama got the 18-29 vote or not).

Tejas was a more complicated case, but my muchachas y muchachos delivered solidly for Hillary, leaving Obama with his two core constituencies — blacks and young, rich, white liberals. Looking at the district-by-district map is even more interesting — Obama takes the major urban areas where blacks and young, rich, white liberals live (aka districts the Democrats win anyway), but the rest of the state (aka the “red” parts”) went solidly for Hillary. Could she take Texas in the general election? Maybe not, but she certainly has a better shot than Obama does against Sen(i)or McCain.

Vermont and Rhode Island split ways, with the uber-liberal paradise that brought you these hippies, falling solidly for the liberal candidate (hint: has a wang), with the more moderate New England state (you know, the one that doesn’t put a socialist in the Senate) going solidly for the more moderate candidate (hint: has bigger balls).

One thing that worked in Hillary’s favor is her ability to kick Mr. High-Falutin’ Law Professor’s ass in debates. In all of the March 4th states besides Vermont, the folks who thought the debates were important all went for Mrs. Pantsuit instead of Mr. My-Wife-Never-Liked-America-Until-Now. The fact that she and Mr. Penn finally found attack ads that could stick to Obama certainly helped, not to mention the Chicago journalist field day on Barak (It’s Obama season… call Dick Cheney!). The latter leaves me with today’s Moment of Zen:

Obama: “Guys, I mean come on. I just answered like eight questions.”

To which I can only say: All hat and no cattle.