Jindal Photo
In the first of several political rants that this next year will inspire, I hereby grant Bobby Jindal the highest honor that I bestow upon politicians — provisional entry onto the “Roll of Folks Who Might Not Be Sleezeballs.” While listing on the Roll only requires a fairly low level of decency, the total length of the Roll remains quite short indeed. Bobby becomes the first entry this season.

Bobby is the new Governor-elect of Louisiana, having won 52% of the popular vote in a 12 person race. He’s running on the reform platform, and hopefully he’ll ensure that the next governor-elect doesn’t win on the same platform.

Mr. Jindal is a fresh face to politics, and has been biding his time in the U.S. Congress until he could take another swing at his real goal. This is reminiscent of other new faces in politics these days, with the only difference being that Bobby has succeeded where others will fail miserably and be beaten by a girl.

The primary result of his two gubernatorial campaigns (other than allowing me to use the word ‘gubernatorial’) has been to establish than Indian-colored Americans are not protected under the Liberal Convention on Politically-Correct Attitudes, as his ‘progressive’ challengers routinely tried to stir up racist sentiments against him in a feeble attempt to hide their impotence on actual issues.

There are many quick summaries of Bobby’s recent past (some of them more artfully composed than others) and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about his tenure in office. His entry onto the Roll is provisional, and it will be revoked and disavowed if he turns out to be a normal politician. If he does succeed in draining the corruption from Louisiana — the very stuff that keeps that state above sea level — he will have to make the choice between staying in Baton Rouge or listening to the crowd pushing for him to return to Washington. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who took note that he’s a non-naturalized citizen, and therefore eligible for the Big Time.