The staff of the 12 Angry Men would like to offer their congratulations to Angry Immigrant, and his new bride, who were married today. Our best wishes to them (and especially to the new Mrs. Angry Immigrant… he’s a handful!) on this their happiest day, and for the countless happier days to come, sharing and growing in their love for one another.

Congratulations! May you both always find happiness with each other, and help each other to grow in faith and love.
– Angry Midwesterner

Congratulations – I’m sorry that my fiancee and I couldn’t be there today, but we wish you both all the best!
– Angry Virginian

May you crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their, er, ah, wrong post. What I meant to say was: All the best!
– Angry New Mexican

As you walk your journey together may you truly be Christ to one another: offering the blessing of love freely given and the challenge to love without limit!
– Angry Overeducated Catholic

Hehe, I think I know where ANM is going with that comment *sly setup, very sly*. Congratulations mate, wishing you all the best. may your journey thru life together be a happy one.
-Angry Fascist Libertarian

I think everyone signing before me managed to come up with all the comments, so I’ll keep it simple: Congrats.

To Love is to choose, and as Milton Friedman said, we are free to choose. Congratulations!
Angry Libertarian

Congratulations on your merger! May your capital grow, your dividends flourish, and your relationship be profitable. Any may you avoid excessive capital gains tax.
– Angry Political Optimist