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In celebration of Freedom of Speech and civil discourse it is our plan to bring you some of the best hate mail we receive each week. We promise to dredge the bottoms of our inboxes to bring you the most trollish, flaming, piles of ignorant opinion we have received each week. So please, send us hate mail. We want you to! We’ll even post it if we feel you’ve done a particularly good job. We feel every one of our readers deserves the chance to see us respond to your mail in the most public and humiliating way possible.

This Week’s Winner: Margaret King

This week we’re in luck! We get a special feature, not one but two hate mails from Ms. King!

Stem cell research is a priority for thousands of disabled Americans and their families. Bill Richardson is a Godsend to them.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that potentially helping “thousands of disabled Americans” outweighs the moral evil of killing thousands of genetically distinct members of the species homo sapiens in the context of ESC research. That appears to be your assumption, so let’s go with it. In that case, Bill Richardson is a cheapskate who wants to piss away $10 million dollars on a half-rate institute at a crappy university. States like New Jersey and California who are whole hog into this ESC thing are pouring metric buttloads of money into ESC research. By comparison, Mr. Richardson looks like he’s handing out petty cash. To me this sounds like Mr. Richardson is more of a “man trying to become president, by throwing bones to key constituencies” than a “Godsend.”

The writer of the above piece has little or no insight into Governor Richardson’s intelligence and his ability to apply that intelligence to the development and implementation of many needed ideas and programs.

If you replace the phrase “insight into” with “confidence in,” I agree with the above statement wholeheartedly.

Compared to the billions that GWB has squandered waging war, stealing resources for corporations of his cohorts, and putting the United States in peril both economically and politically, $10 million dollars to begin to find help for thousands of disabled Americans, is the epitomy of decency.

Yes, and compared to Satan himself, even President Bush’s utterly pointless war in Iraq looks like “the epitomy (sic) of decency.” Compared to Mr. Bush, spending $10 million on the “Angry New Mexican’s Bahamas Retirement Fund” sounds great too. But who cares? That’s no argument for Mr. Richardson. He’s still pissing away our tax money on something that, even discounting moral issues, won’t amount to a hill of beans. Now that is no godsend.

Long live Bill Richardson.

Indeed. And may he have a long, productive, and happy retirement from politics!

Our children will pay for GWB and his supporters for the rest of their lives.

So? This has what to do with Mr. Richardson? Oh yes, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

At least, New Mexico is doing something caring and rational to help the citizens.

No, it’s half-assed (not to mention morally bankrupt). If Mr. Richardson actually gave a rat’s bottom, he’d pony up serious cash. As things stand, Mr. Richardson’s plans won’t make an iota of a difference. Now, perhaps “half-assed” and “rational” have a similar meaning to you. Perhaps you went to Rio Grande High School, which would explain many things. However, in my world “half-assed” and “rational” are about as far apart as the “east” and the “west.”

Aggressive stem cell research and the need for implementation is long over due.

If you replace “due” with “hyped,” I agree with the above statement entirely.

You must be from an island in the Southern U.S. Are you related to Strom Thurmond, or do you just have difficulty helping the disenfranchised, disabled people in New Mexico and in the United States? Hooray for Governor Bill Richardson.

Ah yes, the ad hominem the last refuge of someone who has run out of arguments for their indefensible point. Mmmmm… I savor its sweet flavor. Please be sure to have the “disenfranchised” disabled people talk to a good lawyer about how Strom Thurmond wanna-bes like me have been depriving them of voting rights. I hear that David Iglesias is looking for business these days…

Editor’s note: As usual, the spelling mistakes of the original poster are left intact for the reader’s pleasure.