I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning. Smells like….Democrats.

(With apologies to Lt. Col. Kilgore)

Recently, we were treated to a cavalcade of, ah, “difficult to justify” choices by prominent Democrats. Al Gore, the great Goracle of Global Warming, was revealed to have a much larger and much more poorly insulated house than your or I. George Soros, the great Sugar Daddy of MoveOn.org and countless other Progressive causes, purchased a whopping 1.9 million shares of—wait for it—Haliburton. And the brave Democrats of Congress “eliminated” earmarks (“pork” to the rest of us) by hiding them and lobbyist-funded meals by redefining them—as appetizers.

Ah, Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat, at least for the moment. Not that the Republicans have any real room to speak. But they aren’t the political party that won a landslide election on a campaign of reform and accountability. Far more than any referendum on Iraq, this past election was a referendum on Republican corruption, debauchery, and just plain ruling party arrogance. Do the Democrats really think that, scant months after winning that election, they can afford to outdo the Republicans in all these areas?

It’s bad enough that Nancy Pelosi was stupid enough to allow routine negotiations over military transport to become a huge Talk Radio club to beat her with. It’s even worse that the Congressional Democrats couldn’t wait to silence and abuse the Republican minority in just the same way they had been silenced and abused—and just the same way they had pledged to stop. But those things are expected of politicians and of political parties. True, the Democrats went further and completely abandoned any pretense of bipartisan efforts (another huge electoral issue). Again, however, hardly unexpected or unprecedented.

But the current outpouring of senseless bad behavior is mindboggling. From Hillary’s screeching attack on Barack Obama and former associate David Geffin, to John Edwards attempt to fill up one of the “Two Americas” with his own house, to Al Gore’s attempt to single-handedly make up for the energy conservation efforts of the Sierra Club, a sort of madness seems to have taken hold. I mean, what was Soros thinking? You’re investing in Haliburton? Haliburton? I mean Republicans are uncomfortable with Haliburton these days.

What makes this so galling is that, for all the talk of the GOP as the party of fascist authoritarianism and social control, on most issues it’s the Democrats—and often particularly the Progressives—who are ones issuing edicts about what you can and can’t do. It’s Al Gore who tells you that if you don’t live in a cave, the Earth will be consumed in a ball of fire (after first flooding and spawning killer hurricanes—I’d be shocked if he doesn’t suggest earthquakes too to round out the four classic elements). It’s George Soros and his ilk who demonize the US military and Haliburton as the despoilers of Iraq and argue that anyone who supports them supports genocide. It’s the Democrats who support expanding the crippling mass of regulation that businesses have to labor under.

So for these people to turn around and argue that their own standards don’t apply to them is particularly galling. It’s bad enough when Dick Cheney shoots somebody in the face, but at least Dick doesn’t go around trying to take everyone else’s shotguns away. If you’re going to argue that your elite should rule over the masses by dint of your superior morality and intellect, perhaps you shouldn’t directly violate your principles at the first opportunity.

But rejoice, my fellow voters. The Republicans got theirs, and that’s probably for the best. Now, we can merely watch and hope and pray that the Democrats too will learn that Hell hath no fury like an electorate scorned.

(Hat Tip to Glenn Reynolds at instapundit.com for references on Al Gore, Hillary, and Soros (these links are but a portion of the debt I owe to the Great Puppy-Blender on these matters).