Our motto here at the 12 Angry Men Blog is “Through angry words, civil discourse”. While we pride ourselves on being nattering nabobs of negativity, we also realize that sometimes people disagree with our many varied, and admitedly arrogant, opinions. We respect this quite a lot. Freedom of speech is one of the things that makes this country the great place it is, and as patriots we believe in the right of anyone to tell us what they think, no matter how stupid and ignorant their opinion might be.

In celebration of Freedom of Speech and civil discourse it is our plan to bring you some of the best hate mail we recieve each week. We promise to dredge the bottoms of our inboxes to bring you the most trollish, flaming, piles of ignorant opinion we have recieved each week. So please, send us hate mail. We want you too! We’ll even post it if we feel you’ve done a particularly good job. We feel everyone of our readers deserves the chance to see us respond to your mail in the most public and humiliating way possible.