In a followup to my earlier article, Racism at the Bat, which discussed the inherent hypocrisy and Racism exhibited by the NCAA in their decision to only label Native American mascots and symbols as hostile and abusive, I now bring you absolute proof that their policy is unjust, unfair, and uncalled for.

The original list which the NCAA distributed is supposedly an all inclusive list of those mascots which are hostile and abusive. Closer inspection, however, will reveal a very conspicious omission. Somehow San Diego State got left off the list! What a tragedy! But of course, it must be an honest mistake. Right? I mean, obviously since they call themselves the Aztecs and use a blatent caricature of a Native American leader, Montezuma, as their official mascot they are in clear violation just like all of the other schools. Surely this is simply an oversight on the part of the NCAA who just happened to miss the school. After all they are working to eliminate all of the mascots which reference Native Americans, because using native peoples as a mascot is wrong, hostile and abusive.

I mean, when you think about it there are a LOT of schools out there. Who has the time to look through all of their mascots? It isn’t as if the Chancellor of the NCAA Division I board of directors has any personal knowledge of San Diego State, right? Oh wait! He does! He is in fact President of San Diego State! What a shocking revelation! I’m absolutely astounded myself, this makes it look like Stephen Weber may have been unethical and kept his own University off of the list without the normal process of appeals that even Florida State had to go through. Was Chancellor Weber playing favorites?!?! Say it isn’t so!

The official story from the NCAA is that no “organized tribe” relating to the Aztecs could be found for comment. Oh, ok. Now it becomes clear. Obviously the issue here is that all of the schools on the list specifically refer to an existing tribe? Such as the following references to specific organized tribes?

  • Alcorn State Braves
  • Catawba College Indians
  • Midwestern State Indians
  • Bradley Braves
  • Arkansas State Indians
  • Chowan College Braves
  • Louisiana-Monroe Indians
  • McMurry Indians
  • Newberry College Indians
  • Indiana U.-Pennsylvania Indians
  • William and Mary Tribe

Oh wait! Those mascots didn’t refer to an organized tribe either! Somehow they ended up on the list, yet the Aztecs, a people who were massacred by the Europeans, and the school’s official symbol, Montezuma the leader of the Aztecs when the Europeans began their conquest for Spain, stayed off.

Imagine that, a whole slew of schools get blackmailed by the NCAA under the pretense of “eliminating hostile and abusive” native american imagery, and then we go and find out that the Aztec Warriors mysteriously get left off of the list of schools to blackmail, somehow getting a pass when other schools are held to the fire. It’s time for the NCAA to drop the false pretenses they are using, and to end their assault on the self determination rights of Universities. Their racism, favoritism, and corruption has been exposed and it should be obvious to any who review the evidence that what they have done is nothing more than blackmail. It’s time to bring back Chief Illiniwek, the feathers of William and Mary, and to end the assault on North Dakota and every other school on the dreaded, yet mysteriously incomplete, list.

-Angry Midwesterner

Angry Midwesterner